Husky Smart Voice Control Dog Children’s Electric Plush Toys


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Category:Husky plush doll
Material:Plush + Cellucotton
Size:28cm x 26cm
Power Supply:4 x AA Batteries (Not included)
8 Different Movements:Get Down, Handstand, Coquetry, Stand Up, Press-ups, Salute, Display Strength, 3 Steps Forward
Applicable age:Under 14 years old
[Best Friend for Baby] the sound-controlled plush dog can be the loyalest playmate of your baby, during playing & fondling with it, your baby’s listening, attention and perception of things can be enhanced, which helps to the cultivation of love as well as the development of the intelligence of your baby to build a rich and colorful childhood.
[High Quality Fabric] the toy dog is made of high quality short plush fabric, with a state of the art workmanship which provides you a soft and comfortable touch, no dropping hair, non-toxic, no smell, and with an extremely vivid and cute appearance, smart and funny actions, you are guaranteed for your baby’s fondling.
When you make a sound or touch the dog, he will bark and make a movement (8 different movements).
When you turn on the power on its abdomen, the inductor start to work.
Turn off the power, and it will stop at once.
Child under 3 years old playing should be accompanied by adults.
Great Christmas gifts for your kids or friends.
Luxuriously soft and adorable.
Baby best playing companion.
Ideal birthday or Christmas present for children.
[Directions for Use]
open the battery box cover (on the stomach) with a screwdriver, load 4 AA batteries, and turn the switch to ON position; the dog will make eight movements, and make sounds of barking or bleating if you clap your hands or fondle the dog’s tail
[Sound Control, Can Do Eight Movements] hey! little guy, nice to see you! Let’s make fun together! I’m husky dog, everyone call me ‘Gym Prince’ since I can do a lot of difficult movements, I can do all kinds of tricks like tumbling, clapping hands, bowing, upside down, crawling, shaking body to seek fondling from my master as long as you gently touch my tail, or clap your hands, and I also sound a bark or baa baa cries, I’m so cute that you will surely love.
The product uses 4 AA batteries which are not included in the package; it’s not allowed to be washed in water for electric unit is installed inside; not suitable for children below age 3; please remove the battery when the toy is not in use; if the sound of the toy is getting weaker or unable to move, please replace the battery in time to ensure the effect of use.
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