T-MOTOR ALPHA 40A 500HZ 4-6S FOC ESC for Muli-Rotor RC Drone


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Model:ALPHA 40A
Item Name:40A 500HZ 4-6S FOC ESC
Voltage:4-6S ( 18-25.2V)
External Dimension of electrical adjustment:64.5×29.4×14.7mm
Weight (including line):54.5g
Motor wire:Silicone thread, dark orange 16AWG-65MM*3PCS
Power Cord:Silicone wire Red/Black 14AWG-150MM
Signal Line:PVC wiring-30 CORE-2-300MM (blank BLACK/JR 3P head)
Programming Line:PVC wiring-30 CORE-3-300MM (Black Red White/JR 3P head)
Continuous current:40A
Instantaneous current(10s):60A
Standby power consumption:≤50mA
Throttle range:1100-1940μs
Throttle refresh frequency:500Hz
Throttle response speed:120ms
Recommend Motor:U3 700KV,U5 400KV,MN5212 340KV,MN4006 380KV,MN501S 360KV,MN501S 300KV,MN7005 230KV
Package Included
1x T-motor ALPHA 40A ESC
1x Manual

Weight 0.1 kg


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