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STARK-316 AC Asynchronous Motor Model Brushless Motor Teaching Model High-tech Toys

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Product name:AC asynchronous motor model
1. Easy to use, simple to operate, safe and risk-free
2. It can be used directly by connecting to the socket 220v
3. Small size and strong structure, easy to carry
4. The switch can switch forward and reverse
1. First insert the aviation plug into the base of the product, and tighten the nut on the outer ring to prevent loosening.
2.Turn the switch upwards clockwise, and turn the switch downwards counterclockwise.
Original design intention
Asynchronous motor is a common motor that uses alternating current to rotate. This motor has no carbon brushes and no magnets. Relying on alternating current to generate an alternating magnetic field, the alternating magnetic field makes the rotor generate an induced current, and the induced current generates an interaction between the internal and external magnetic fields of the induced magnetic field, which drives the rotor to continuously rotate.
1. Please understand the product might have some colour difference due to different monitors and scenes.
2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data.
3. The product cannot change the power supply voltage and power without authorization
4. It is strictly forbidden to connect wires without permission
5. Long-term use of the coil may generate heat. After 10 minutes, it is recommended to cut off the power and dissipate heat for two minutes.
6. The product is heavier, pay attention to handle with care to prevent damage to the acrylic board
7.110w is also ok, but it may rotate slowly.
Package Included
1x AC asynchronous motor model

Weight 1.938 kg


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