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Power Indicator Display Led Board For 2.4V-20V Lipo Battery

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Power Indicator Display Led Board For 2.4V-20V Lipo Battery
Description:Power display is to take one section of voltage, the percentage of analog display. Such as 3.7V lithium battery: take the lower limit voltage 3V, upper 4.2V, 4.2-3 = 1.2V, difference between the upper and lower voltage is 1.2V.This is the analog battery powerDisplay mode: Show the battery voltage between the upper and lower limits, divided into 10 level. Each light lighted up represents power display 10%. 10 lights represents the range of display power 0%-100%. Also can be converted into a single light display, saving more power. Parameter:
Power consumption: bar display all bright 42ma, single lamp display 4mA
Measurement range: general 2.4-20v battery
Color: red, green, blue
Display mode: multi lamp display or single light point display
PCB board size: 45*14 mm
Suitable for lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and other batteries that need to be displayed.
Power display range is adjustable, directly support: single lithium 1S (4.2V) ~4S (16.8V), lead-acid 6V~12V, nickel metal hydride 3.6V~18V, nickel cadmium battery 3.6V~18V1. Lithium battery:
Single-cell lithium battery after discharging, the voltage is 3V, 4.2V full charge;
1S corresponds to 3V (first light) to 4.2V (tenth light);
2S corresponds to 6V (first light) to 8.4V (tenth light);
3S corresponds to 9V (first light) to 12.6V (tenth light);
4S corresponds to 12V (first light) to 16.8V (tenth light);
Other series voltage and so on.2. Lead-acid batteries
Lead acid is generally 6V or 12V battery:
6V corresponds to 4.8V (the first red light) to 6.75V (tenth light);
12V corresponds to 9.6V (the first red light) to 13.5V (tenth light);
The module according to the above standard battery discharge range design. It can accurately reflect the battery power. Allowing users to observe the status of the battery at any time.
Note: This item is unfinished kit, you have to assemble them by youself. You need to have some electronic knowledge and manual ability. (Package does not include EN instructions.)
Package Content:
1x Power Indicator Display Led Board Kit (Unassembled)

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