SunnySky X2814-III KV900 KV1000 KV1200 KV1400 3-4S Outrunner Brushless Motor For RC Airplane


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Brand Name: SunnySky
Item Name: Brushless Motor
Series Name: X2814-III
KV: KV900,KV1000,KV1200,KV1400 (optional)
Color: Blue

KV 900 1000 1200 1400
Stator Diameter 28mm
Stator Thickness 14mm
No. of Stator Arms 12
No. of Rotor Poles 14
No-Load Current (A/10V) 1.2A 1.3A 1.7A 2.3A
Motor Resistance 33.6mΩ 35.5mΩ 21.3mΩ 15.9mΩ
Max Continuous Current 50A/30s 55A/30s 55A/30s 80A/30s
Max Continuous Power 680W 750W 815W 1180W
Weight 108g 113g 110g 109g
Rotor Diameter 35mm
Body Length 36mm
Max Lipo Cell 3-4S
Recommended ESC 40-60A 40-60A 50-60A 80A
Recommended Prop(inch) APC11*5.5, APC13*6.5
APC11*8, APC13*8
APC11*5.5, APC13*6.5
APC12*6, APC12*8
Applicable Aerobatic Airplane Weight 1200g–1400g (3S APC13x6.513×8)(4S APC11x5.5APC11x7APC11x8) 1200g–1400g (3S APC12x612x8)(4S APC11x5.5) 1000g-1300g (4S APC1060APC9060APC8060)(3S APC11*5.5) 1000g-1400g (4S APC9060APC8060)
Applicable 3D Airplane Weight 800g-1200g (3S APC13x6.513×8) 800g-1200g (3S APC13x6.512x612x8) / /

Tech Specs:
KV900, Click Here
KV1000, Click Here
KV1200, Click Here
KV1400, Click Here
Package Content:
1x SunnySky X2814-III Brushless Motor
1x Accessories

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KV 1400KV/KV 1200KV/KV 1000KV/KV 900KV/


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