AFPV SN-L Owl FPV Flight Controller HD OSD With PMU M8 GPS Module For RC Airplane Fixed-Wing Model


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SN-L OWL flight controller is a high-definition OSD flight control designed for FPV fixed-wing, compatible with 95% FPV mini fixed wing,such as Sonicmodell, EDO, Skywalker and other brands aircraft. Excellent algorithm processing is complemented by powerful hardware performance and pixel-level OSD display for a smooth flight experience. Under the premise of improving performance, the interface processing is optimized, and the customized fully integrated interface is adopted to reduce the volume, which makes installation and use more simple and convenient.
Flight Controller Specifications:
Brand Name: AFPV
Item Name: SN-L OWL
Shell Material: Metal
FC Dimension: 4.3×3.3×1.5cm
FC Weight: 6.8g
Plug Type: Straight Plug, L-Type Plug (optional)
Combo Weight: 40g (FC+PMU+M8 GPS Module+Firmware upgrade module+cables)
Available Airspeed Meter Specifications:
Material: Metal
Process: CNC
Weight: 6.6g
Dimension: 78x12x6mm
Cable Length: 30cm
Flight Controller Features:
– Ultra-mini size for all types of installations.
– Equipped with a pixel-level OSD, the picture clarity does not affect the angle of view.
– High-performance F4 processor clocked at 168Mhz, onboard MPU9250, BMP280.
– Supports a variety of practical functions such as balance, return flight, gyro stabilization, fixed height orientation, and auxiliary takeoff.
– Learning remote control function, automatic recognition of PPM and SBUS interface.
– Six-way PWM output, which can customize the channel function to make the wiring method more flexible and convenient.
– Built-in acceleration, gyroscope, magnetic compass, barometer.
– Built-in high-performance AHRS algorithm for optimized fixed-wing.
– Support for expanding high-precision digital airspeed meters.
– Support SN_AAT, built-in AAT algorithm, no need for external AAT onboard module.
– Support firmware upgrade.
– Support PPM, SBUS interface receiver, independent RSSI interface.
– Support full model, 6 flight modes.
– Support "vertical tail", "V tail", "delta wing" models.
Airspeed Meter Features:
– High-precision digital processing chip, faster computing speed and higher precision.
– Ultra-small size, currently the smallest airspeed meter on the market, weighing only 6g, compatible with any model.
– Full metal casing, stainless steel intake pipe, aluminum alloy CNC casing, durable and stable performance.
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Package Content:

1x AFPV SN-L OWL Flight Controller
1x PMU Voltage Regulator Module
1x M8 GPS Module
1x Firmware Upgrade Module
1x Cables
1x Airspeed Meter

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