HM830 Easy RC Folding A4 Paper Airplane


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HM830 Easy RC Folding A4 Paper Airplane
Note :The color will change to yellow
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The Easy RC folding pape plane can be made from normal A4 paper. You have not need to worry about no replacement. And since the plane body is made from paper, you may fold any shape you like. It’s much fun to design your own plane and fly it to the sky. The Easy RC folding pape plane is simple in construction. It can fly about 12 minutes per flight and completing ascending, descending, left and right function. There are colorful light in receiver, which enable you to fly in the night. And the color of the light are changeable. There have been many attempts over the years to break the barriers of throwing a paper plane for the longest time aloft. Ken Blackburn held this Guinness World Record for 13 years (1983–1996) and had regained the record on October 1998 by keeping his paper plane aloft for 27.6 seconds (indoors). This was confirmed by Guinness officials and a CNN report.
As of 2012, Takuo Toda holds the world record for the longest time in air (27.9 seconds).The distance record (226 feet, 10 inches) was set by Joe Ayoob, with a plane constructed by John Collins, in February 2012. Now, with this HM830 paper plane, you can easily beat any one of them.

Dimension 26*13.2*2.5CM Package Dimension 29.5*18.5*8.9CM
Frequency 2.4GHZ Remote Range 200m
Flight time 12min Flight height 150m
Battery for Transmitter 6* AA battery Battery for plane 3.7v lithium battery

Spare Parts For HM830, Please Click Here
Package Content:
1x RC folding paper plane(Paper part not included)
1x Transmitter
1x 3.7V 150mah Battery
1x USB Battery Charging Cable
2x Spare blade


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