rc-airplanes-OriginHobby Wilga-2000 1330mm Wingspan RC Airplane PNP-OriginHobby Wilga 2000

OriginHobby Wilga-2000 1330mm Wingspan RC Airplane PNP

Wilga-2000 is the latest model of the PzL-104,it is a high-wing airplane that can take-off and landing on the rugged runways,began to be developed in the early 1960s,prototype wilga1 has its maiden flight on April 24,1962,and then Completely redesigned and in August 1963 implements the wilga 2’s first flight.Some early models of PzL-104 in Indonesia Lopnur Gelatik company also has manufactured.

Brand Name: OriginHobby
Item Name: Wilga-2000
Material: EPO Foam
Wingspan: 1330mm
Length: 1010mm
Weight: 1350g
Wing area: 27dm2
Wing load: 45g/dm2
Motor: C3532 1200KV brushless
ESC: 30A brushless ESC
Prop: 11×5.5
Servo: 4x9g, two for ailerons, one for elevator and one for rudder.
Landing Gear: Prebent aluminum with 2.25″ (57mm) diameter mainwheels, 1″ (25.4mm) tailwheel, foam landing gear covers

Landing gear structural characteristics makes it has a very strong adaptability to the flying sites
Unique aerodynamic shape makes it stable and good flying flight performance
High playability,can make violent flight or stable glide
Through modification can be used as a tractor for unpowered gliders

Required Parts Sold In Our Site (Not Included):
6CH Transmitter and receiver
11.1v 3S 2200mah Battery
LiPo battery charger

Package Included:
1x OriginHobby Wilga-2000 PNP

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