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Partom FPV 8CH 800mw Wireless AV Transmitter And Receiver

Item Name: FPV 1.2G 1.3G 800mW AV Transmitter And Receiver
Transmitter Channel Number: 8CH
Receiver Channel number: 12-ch
Video Signal resistance: 75Ω
Antenna Connection: SMA
Transmitting distance (air to ground): 800-1500m (for reference only, the distance may vary a lot depending on the environments)
Power input: 12V
Receiving Current: 100mA
Transmitting Current: 280mA


FPV 1.2G 1.3G 800mW A/V system.
Stock range with this set-up on FPV plane is 3km
Frequency: 1080/1120/1160/1200/1240/1280/1320/1360

Customer review by RLFfoe Post on March 11,2014 21:09:
Ok i saw this FPV 1.2G 1.3G 800mW AV Transmitter And Receiver on Banggood, i have had a few of these in years past, none were any good never going through walls. I have a automated telescope in a dome outside about 200 feet from the house and never was able to get enough bandwidth to run video from my PC, at the telescope, so i bought this device, well it worked, through the walls of my dome and house into the basement, Clear audio and video never losing the video, finally i got something that worked really well, the build is of high quality looks great and cost about 3 times less than one here in Canada at the same MW output.Again Banggood has done it with a great product, buy one you will not be sorry, plus it can be used for many different things I have even sent video 1000 feet with my sony HD camcorder, about all i can test because my property is a 1000 feet deep. and any camera can be used with RCA plugs. So now i am a happy camper.

Package Included:
1 x transmitter
1 x receiver
1 x basic wires
1 x instruction manual

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