fpv-system-RCD 3060 OS Mini OSD FPV Module-RCD 3060 OS Mini

RCD 3060 OS Mini OSD FPV Module

Item Name: RCD 3060 OS Mini OSD FPV Module

It can check two voltages and overlap them onto the video signal. Factory calibration, its precision reaches +/- 0.1V .
The background is light dark when the data is displaying in overlapping way, this can ensure customers read clearly and precisely under strong light environment or the light dark background.
40 position data modes are for choice. (We can change the mode numbers and the displaying position according to the request of our customer)
It can automatically record the last displaying position and won’t be lost even the power is off.
LED light will flash when no video signal is received
The device can be connected in series way monitoring more voltages, and overlapping several OSD module
Support NTSC and PAL

How to use:
every 40 times click on T,it will be change between On mode and Off Mode.
It shows the working time when powered under the mode T/On.
Input Voltage: 4.5v – 12v
Lithium: 3s
Adds a Video connect port,facilitate wire connection.
Vin and Vout is symmetrical,it is interchangeable use,
After connect Mini OSD to your multicopter,choose a adquate place via setting button(there are 40 places for you to choose from).
Package Included:
1 x RCD 3060 OS Mini OSD FPV Module

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