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SkyRC D100 Features

  • PC Control
  • Maximum Safety
  • Battery Meter
  • Lithium Battery Balancer
  • Program Data Store/Load
  • Battery Resistance Meter
  • Terminal Voltage Control

SkyRC D100 Specs

  • Brand Name: SkyRC
  • Item Name: Banlance charger/discharger
  • Item NO.: D100
  • Model: SK-100089
  • Display Backlight: Blue
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Controls: Five buttons
  • Display Type: 128 x 64 LCD
  • PC Communications: PC Port for PC Control & Firmware Upgrate
  • External Port: 2-6S Balance Socket-XH, Temperature Probe Socket, Battery Socket, DC Input, Micro USB Port for PC

SkyRC D100 Price

  • Last updated SkyRC D100 price at Banggood: US$113.99

SkyRC D100 Review

  • See the best review by Banggood customer:

Best charger with very high safety standard

Now SkyRC D100 average rating is 5.0 star of 52 customer reviews at Banggood

chargers-cables-SkyRC D100 AC/DC Dual Balance Charger Discharger For RC Models-SkyRC D100 Review
SkyRC D100 Review

SkyRC D100 Package Included

  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 2x XH Adaptor
  • 2x Charging Cable
  • 1x SKYRC D100 Charger
  • 2x Banana connectors with XT60 connector Charging Cable


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