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SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles 5.8G 32CH Head Tracing Glasses

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles Description:
The all-in-one GOGGLES with build- in A/V receiver and virtual real-time large-screen display can connect with the RC Transmitter with a data cable, RC Transmitter supply power to the AIO GOGGLES. Along with the AIO GOGGLES tracking signal output to the RC Transmitter, the AIO GOGGLES tracking signal and the RC Transmitter control signal received by the receiver in the RC Aircraft. Images and sound captured by Camera are transmitted to the sky by the A/V Transmitter,Then,AIO GOGGLES can receive video and audio within a certain range, people who wear a AIO GOGGLES can see the images from the virtual real-time large-screen display, and hear the sound from the earphone.

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles Features:

  • The new SkyZone FPV goggles from Foxtech feature an external camera, higher resolution screens and diversity receiver.
  • These goggles have some ground breaking new features not found on other goggles. The build quality is very nice, the screens are crisp with clean edges and have a resolution that is higher than most.

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles The Benefits of Goggles with Diversity 
A diversity system uses two different video receivers, and two different video antennas. This gives you a better chance of receiving a clean and unobstructed signal. These are connected by a diversity unit that chooses the best video signal. You could mount one of the stock antennas vertically and one horizontally. For best results you want to use different types of antennas. This gives you the option of using a long range directional antenna for one receiver and a non-directional antenna for the other. The diversity system automatically chooses which antenna is receiving the best signal at any moment.

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles External Camera 
The 640×480 external camera was added to allow you to do things without removing your goggles. When you have to pull your goggles off you have the issue of your eyes adjusting to the external light. You also have to physically remove the goggles or situate them on your head so they don’t fall off. The external camera allows you to keep the goggles on for small jobs and landing. The lens on the external camera does seem to make things look farther away.

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles 5.8 Diversity Unit
These goggles have a built-in 8 channel/4 band 5.8G diversity unit. This allows you to use this unit with most FPV 5.8G transmitters on the market like Foxtech, DJI, Walkera and more.

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles Dual Receivers & Dual Antennas 

  • There are two 5808 receivers in this set of goggles.
  • The unit comes with two vertical omni stock 50ohm antennas with sma connectors.

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles Monitors  

  • The goggles have dual 854X480(WVGA) monitors with 1,229,760 color sub-pix
  • Head Tracking
  • These goggles have built-in self calibrating head tracking that utilizes a gyro.
  • -PPM Channel Setup
  • -Pan Tracking Range Setting
  • NOTE – If you use the Futaba trainer plug you can power the goggles that way (no external lipo needed).

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles Lipo Powered
A nice feature with these goggles is that just about any lipo you have can power them. The input power plug accepts voltages of DC 7- 28v/1A. I find that a two or three cell lipo does a good job.

FOV (Field of View)
The SkyZone goggles have 30 degrees (diagonal).

SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles Diopter Lens

  • The goggles also have removable optic lenses. These slide out. It comes with a pair installed with no correction. You can order lenses to help correct for myopic (near sighted) vision. This allows users that normally wear glasses to see far away to use the FPV goggles. People that only need reading glasses typically do not need any lens correction for the goggles. The lens sets sold for FatShark goggles also fit these goggles.

fpv-video-goggles-SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles-SKU105304.1 1024x1024
SkyZone SKY-01 V2 FPV AIO Goggles 5.8G 32CH Head Tracing Glasses



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