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Walkera QR X350 Pro RC Quadcopter DEVO F7 For Gopro 3

Brand Name: Walkera
Item Name: QR X350 Pro
Main rotor diameter: 556mm
Main rotor blade length: 206mm
Lenght: 289mm
Width: 289mm
Height: 200mm
Brushless motor spec: WK-WS-28-008A
Receiver: RX703
Main Controller: DEVO-M
Transmitter(option): DEVO 10
Battery: 11.1V 5200mAh LIPO
Fight time: 25 minutes
Gimbal support: G-2D
Brushless ESC spec: WST-15A(G/R)

Quick and easy assembly
Completely Ready to Fly
Up to 2 km / 1.24 miles control distance
Up to 25 minutes flight time
Gimbal ready for camera anti-vibration 2-axis stabilization (new Walkera G-2D)
First Person View
FatShark glass compatible
WIFI option for smart phones
Failsafe auto RTH and Land
Low voltage protection
Devention DEVO F7,DEVO 10 transmitter
Easy to see with LEDs
Balance charger with world compatible wall adapter
GPS and “One Key” Return to Home functions
GPS Auto Pilot functions

Package Included:
1 x Walkera QR X350 Pro RC Quadcopter
1 x Walkera Devo F7 transmitter
1 x Walkera RX703 receiver
1 x iLook+ camera
1 x antenna
1 x battery
1 x charger
1 x G-2D gimbal

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