Walkera Super DEVO 7E CP Helicopter

Walkera Super CP 6CH 3D Helicopter With DEVO 7E

Walkera Super DEVO 7E CP Helicopter Description:

  • Brand: Walkera
  • Item Name: Super CP
  • Item NO.: 68008
  • Transmitter :DEVO 7E Mode 2

Walkera Super DEVO 7E CP Helicopter Super CP Specification:

  • 1 Overall Length: 220mm
  • 2 Main Rotor Dia. : 241mm
  • 3 Tail Rotor Dia. : 42mm
  • 4 All-up Weight: 45g (Battery included)
  • 5 Motor is same as Genius CP’s
  • 6 Transmitter (Optional): DEVO-6S/7/7E/F7/10/8S/12S(This product is included the DEVO 7E)
  • 7 Servo: wk-02-4;weight: 2.42g;speed: 0.12sec/60  (3.0~4.5V);dimension: 16.5*6.8*15.7mm
  • 8 Battery: 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po
  • 9 Receiver


Walkera Super DEVO 7E CP Helicopter Super CP Advantage:

  • Light weight construction.
  • Long flight time.
  • Parts compatible to lot of other walkera model.
  • Quick cyclic input.
  • Solid tail.

Walkera Devo 7E Transmitter Mode 2 Specification:

  • 7 Channels Function: Elevator, Aileron, Throttle, Rudder, Pitch, Gear(Throttle Hold switch) and Aux2(Flight Mode switch).
  • Also has a JST plug for an alternative power pack.
  • Battery: 4 x AA cells (No included)
  • Charging and DSC ports on back for your PC Sim.
  • Good for flying most models up to 500m away or so without any difficulty and keeps the unit simple.
  • Like the rest of the Devo series it’s upgradable online with a USB port so you can always get the latest available features that the Techies at Walkera are working on.
  • Smaller size and half the weight compared to a Devo 10.
  • The upgrade process is very well done, the boot part of the chip isn’t affected so the risk of damaging the TX during an upgrade is much reduced.
  • There’s the familiar SYSTEM for all the controls of the TX which affect everything, Display, Buzzer, Vibration Alert.
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Walkera Super CP 6CH 3D Helicopter With DEVO 7E

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