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WLtoys V977 Brushless RC Helicopter With G7 Simulator Transmitter

WLtoys V977 Brushless G7 Simulator Transmitter RC Helicopter Description:

  • Battery: 3.7V 450mAh 25C
  • Body Length: 270 mm
  • Flight time: About 6-7 minutes
  • Height: 77mm
  • Main Motor: Brushless 1106
  • Rotor Diameter: 245 mm
  • Size of Original Package: 40.6*30.2*15.2 cm
  • Tail Motor: Brushed 0715
  • Weight 48.5g

WLtoys V977 Brushless G7 Simulator Transmitter RC Helicopter Features:

  •     Hovering midpoint setting allows setting of the hovering point.
  • Flybarless CP helicopter, aerodynamically designed to achieve unparalleled stability
  • The Transmitter has the function of the simulator flight,for G7 G6.5 Phoenix 5.0 XTR.
  • 3D flight 3 axis gyro, control performance is perfect, can easily make various stunts.
  • 6G use 6 axis gyro, flight performance and stability, easy operation, suitable for beginners to flight.
  • Battery 1S 3.7V 450mAh 25C
  • Brushless outrunner (1106) motor
  • Transmitter has 3D aka Idle-Up switch, Throttle Hold switch, large LCD, low voltage warning.
  • Transmitter supports switching between 3-axis & 6-axis gyro modes
  • 3D Mode activates 3-axis gyro, enables aerobatics such as flips, rolls inverted flight, funnels and tick-tocks
  • Normal (aka 6G) activates 6-axis gyro, allows stable flight, suitable for beginners
  • USB charger 2 at a time
  • Flying weight: 48.5g; Flight time: 6-7 mins

WLtoys V977 Brushless G7 Simulator Transmitter RC Helicopter G7 installation conditions:

1. Installation Please note the following:

  • Many anti-virus software will G7 crack files as Trojan is actually a multi-degree-sensitive, anti-virus software before installing completely out of place. During the installation or boot process, if the risk of such a pop-up window reminders, add trust.
  • kinds of “GHOST Edition,” “Computer City installed version” and other non-formal version of the operating system, easily lead to a variety of unforeseen errors, it is recommended to install the operating system on the regular edition.
  • non-XP operating system, please select in XP compatibility mode to run the simulator program.
  • If you have installed on your computer, such as joysticks and the like have PPJOY similar software, be sure to delete before installing the G7.
  • Check to see if there are other USB devices plugged on your computer, such as cameras, flight joystick, gamepad, etc., may interfere with the installation of the simulator, set after they pull out and re-insert the USB plug simulator.

2. Use the minimum computer configuration is as follows:

  • [Hardware Requirements]: Intel pentsum 600 or more;
  • [Operating System]: Windows2000 / XP / ME / 98 / WIN7-32 bit / WIN7-64 bit, desktop or laptop support.
  • 10GB or more hard disk;
  • 128MB of RAM;
  • 32MB GAP-3D graphics acceleration cards;
  • 52X CD-ROM:
  • Note: WIN7 system is installed, you must install the Administrator account (Administrator account), the
  • Then you can normally use in the sub-account.
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WLtoys V977 Brushless RC Heli With G7 Simulator Transmitter


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