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Eachine Mirage E500 500mm Wingspan RC Airplane

I can’t wait to introduce the Eachine Mirage E500 RC airplane for you!It has three versions: ARF, BNF and RTF, you can know their biggest difference from below: The RTF version does not come with the FPV equipments. The BNF version does not come with the transmitter and FPV equipments. The ARF version does notRead more ⟶

Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Stretch X 143mm FPV Racing RC Drone

Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Stretch X RC Drone is here for you! This model is a 143mm wheel base, looking quite attractive. Diatone 2018 GT-M3 Stretch X Specs VTX: TBS Propeller: 3″ Color: Titanium Wheel base: 143mm Peak power: 1548W Rated power: 1344W ESC: F20HV 4S ESC Dshot600 Camera: G1.Sniper CCD Sensor Motor: Edge racing 1408Read more ⟶

GDU O2 4K Camera Foldable Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter Review

You can’t imagine how amazing the GDU O2Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter is until you get one to play. 1. Comes with Innovation Design All-in-on innovation design, the folded remote and drone can matched with each other, and storage together as a complete part. There is no other fragile parts outside, users can easily put themRead more ⟶

DJI GOGGLES RE Racing Edition 2.4G 5.8G FPV Headset

Not long before, DJI released a upgraded version of their DJI GOGGLES and this version is called DJI GOGGLES RE Racing Edition which looks pretty attractive. Now the market is open, lovers can buy it with $599.00 at Banggood online store. It is a good news that it is no longer limited to just DJIRead more ⟶

SPC Maker 110NG 110mm FPV Racing Drone BNF

Here is about the SPC Maker 110NG FPV Racing Drone. SPC Maker 110NG Specs Wheelbase: 110mm Flight time: about 4mins Top plate thickness: 2mm Bottom plate thickness: 3mm Priduct size: 130mm*145mm*30mm Weight: 100g (without battery) Material: 3k full carbon fiber Flight controller: Omnibus F4 NANO Take off weight: 150g (with battery) Battery: 11.1V 350mah 30CRead more ⟶

SPC Maker 90NG 90mm RC FPV Racing Drone BNF

Are you looking for SPC Maker 90NG FPV racing drone from online store? If so, here is the best way for you to buy it because of the lower price and fast shipping. Now, only $271.20 can bring it back to home which is 16% off than before. What are you hesitant for? SPC MakerRead more ⟶

ZETA FX-79 Buffalo FPV Flying Wing EPO 2000mm Wingspan RC Airplane Kit

The FX-79 Buffalo is the newest addition to our range of First Person View (FPV) models. It is a great flyer with very predictable handling qualities, excellent stability and lots of wing area to cope with additional loads for FPV use. It is the bigger brother to the massively popular FX-61 Phantom. The Buffalo featuresRead more ⟶

Walkera VITUS Starlight 5.8G Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter

If you are a quadcopter lover, I strongly recommend this excellent Walkera VITUS Starlight for you. Actually it has two versions be choosen, VITUS Starlight and VITUS Starlight Combo, The Combo come more 2 batteries and a storage box. No matter which one you get, you will be exciting! Walkera VITUS Starlight strong features asRead more ⟶

TOPSKY F7X V2 2D 3D 5.8G 40CH 16:9 FPV Goggles

What do you think of TOPSKY F7X? It may that you have got version 1 to play, but do you know the difference between version 1 and version 2? Today we will pay attention to this issue as well as know more about version 2. Version 1 VS Version 2 1.Optimization of light leaking 2.CompatibaleRead more ⟶